The Logo Wears Prada — Yahoo’s Latest Brand Is Skinny and Stark, With ! Intact

The new Yahoo brand looks like it works at Vogue magazine.

Everybody’s a Curator: Flipboard’s Mike McCue Talks About New Version of Social Magazine (Video)

I made a magazine about Pop-Tarts. Anyone have a problem with that?
FlipboardCover copy-feature

Disney Unveils New Home Page With Entertainment Focus

A fresh look for an old brand.

In Major Expansion, Kno Adds K-12 to Digital Education Platform (Video)

Tired of kids carrying home a backpack full of heavy books? Kno knows their pain.
Kno Evolve Logo

Yahoo’s Response on CEO’s Computer Science ResumeGate: “Inadvertent Error”

Inadvertent means “failing to act carefully or considerately.” I’d say so, but is it worse than that?

Asana Launches to Public — Finally Moving Out of Private Beta

In Sanskrit, “asana” means “sitting down” and refers to strong but relaxed postures in yoga, presumably so frustrated workers can achieve a digital form of nirvana.

On The Verge of a New Tech Site, Which Finally Debuts

Tonight at 1 am PT, techies who have nothing else to do — that would be me! — can click onto a brand new tech site called The Verge.
verge copy

FindTheBest’s Kevin O’Connor Talks About Comparison Engine, Now Running Hot on $6M in Funding (Video)

How do you FindTheBest? Well, starting out with $6 million in venture funding won’t hurt.

Video: Ning's Andreessen and Rosenthal Talk About New Social Chat Service Mogwee

Yes, it’s actually called Mogwee, which was the codename for the new mobile social communications service being launched tonight by Ning, the high-profile social networking platform. Part Twitter, part SMS, part Path and any number of such social start-ups, Mogwee actually stands for “more great weekends.” Here is a video with Ning CEO Jason Rosenthal and Chairman Marc Andreessen talking Mogwee.

Here's What a Display Ad in Your Gmail Looks Like

Hint: It’s going to be awfully familiar.

Yahoo's Outage: Not-So-Perfect Timing

Winklevii Vs. Zuck: Who'd You Rather?

Goodbye FeedBurner, Hello MailChimp

Twitter for the iPad Says Hello!

Bing Hearts Android