Google Works to Make Android Less Vulnerable to Wi-Fi Snooping

Google said it is pushing out a fix that should help protect users from a recently highlighted vulnerability. The Android creator says it has come up with a way to address the issue that doesn’t require an over-the-air update be loaded onto individual phones.

Most Android Phones Open To Snooping, Report Says

A recently outlined vulnerability in Android highlights the danger of connecting mobile devices to unencrypted Wi-Fi locations as well as the slow path with which software updates make their way to smartphone owners. Although Google closed the hole in question in both the Gingerbread and Honeycomb releases of Android, the overwhelming majority of devices are still vulnerable.

After the PlayStation Hack, a Legal Pile-On Against Sony

It didn’t take long for Sony to be served with its first lawsuit following the disclosure that its PlayStation Network was hacked. Meanwhile, the number of investigating regulators and outraged U.S. lawmakers is multiplying. Sony’s lawyers are going to be busy.

Illinois AG Presses Apple, Google for Location Data Details

Lisa Madigan is the latest to demand answers from Apple and Google on just how their mobile devices are collecting and storing location-based information. Google has defended its practices, while Apple has yet to answer questions about how it is dealing with the data.

Google: Of Course Our Location-based Services Require Your Location Info

However, the Android maker notes that its location-based services are totally optional and that, even for those that choose to use them, such location information is not tied to any specific user account or other personally identifiable information.

My iPhone Is Tracking Me? That’s Outrageous, But Also Kind of Cool.

The initial reaction to revelations that the iPhone has been tracking all the places it has been was the predictable (and perhaps justified) one of concern. More interesting, though, is the second reaction of many an iPhone user to share that data.

Webroot Is Latest to Join Mobile Security Fray, Launching Android Product

With mobile attacks in the headlines and smartphone sales on the rise, those that sell security software see new opportunities to sell their wares. Webroot is the latest to add an Android product to their lineup.

Thousands of Web Sites Hit With New Twist on Old SQL Injection Hack

Somebody somewhere has found a new twist on an old method for attacking Web sites. The result is that hundreds of thousands– and perhaps more than a million–Web sites are pointing innocent visitors toward shady sites that offer “security software” for their “infected” PCs. The lesson here? Don’t click on any strange pop-up messages.

Harmless-Looking USB Cable Could Be Used as Attack Method, Researchers Say

That USB cable is just a connection to a computer or a phone, right? It couldn’t be carrying an attack. Or could it? Researchers at George Mason University say they have found a way to mount an attack using just some malicious code and a USB cable.

RSA Under "Extremely Sophisticated" Attack; Yes, That Includes Those Tokens

Security company RSA has disclosed an attack on its systems. Data regarding its SecurID tokens, widely used by companies and governments, was taken.