Chip Sales Grew in May at Fastest Rate in Three Years

A metric that doesn’t lie.

Global Chip Sales Down on Thailand Flooding

Chip sales were disrupted by the effects of the flooding in Thailand and by the euro zone crisis in November, the Semiconductor Industry Association reported today.

The Chips Will Fall Where They May: Down

After a double-digit growth spurt in 2010, semiconductor sales are expected to decline to the single digits over the next two years. The latest forecast from the Semiconductor Industry Association predicts worldwide chip sales for 2010 will top out at $300.5 billion–a 33 percent spike over 2009 sales.

Semiconductor Sales Growth Semi-Disappointing

Global chip sales continue to grow, though clearly not as quickly as some manufacturers–cough, Intel–would like. Though semiconductor sales rose to $25.2 billion in July–up 37 percent from a year ago–their month-over-month growth wasn’t nearly as impressive.

January Chip Sales Up 47 Percent Year-Over-Year

The Semiconductor Industry Association’s prediction of healthy growth for chip demand in 2010 seems to be panning out. Though January is typically a weak month, global semiconductor sales rose slightly thanks to solid demand for personal computers, cellphones and other consumer electronics.

Global Chip Sales Down 9 Percent in 2009–Not 11 Percent

Global chip sales fell nine percent in 2009, beaten down by the econalypse, which hamstrung demand for all manner of consumer electronics. A nasty drop, but not nearly as bad as it could have been or, indeed, what was expected. Because at $226.3 billion, total chip sales for the year were far better than the $219.7 billion the Semiconductor Industry Association had been expecting.

The Chips Are Up, Redux

A bit of good news after the chip industry’s seemingly endless procession of bad. Worldwide sales of semiconductors in October rose 5.1 percent over September, racking up their eighth month of consecutive gains, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.

Chip Industry Can Put Down the Mylanta Now

Worldwide chip sales have slipped deep into the mud over the past year and they’ll continue to do so until year’s end. But they’ll begin to improve after that.

Semiconductor Industry Ends Disaster Preparedness Drills

2009 semiconductor sales are down from 2008 by nearly record amounts, but they’re improving. That’s the latest word from the Semiconductor Industry Association, which said today that global chip sales rose in September from the previous month–the seventh straight month of gains.

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