Swiftype Raises $1.7M for Smarter Site Search

Swiftype helps sites dynamically update and rerank their own content in search results.


Beyond Price: Comparison Shopping 2.0 Is About Customer Experience

Today’s consumers have figured out that their time is now worth more than potential savings they might find through price comparisons. They need a more compelling reason to venture off of Amazon.


Facebook Is the Google of Mobile

Facebook is positioning itself to do to mobile what Google did to search.

We Are All Huffington Post Now

Hey, what time do the Oscars start, anyway?
give the people what they want


YouTube to Power New Media Businesses of the Future? Maybe.

YouTube is engaging in many efforts to re-invent itself as a destination for premium content.

Venture-Backed Commerce Sites Banking on TV Ads to Lure Big Audiences

Slightly ahead of the holidays, several online retailers have announced TV commercials, including One Kings Lane, Fab.com, OpenSky, Gilt Groupe and Wayfair.

How to Boost Your Facebook Traffic: Tips and Tricks From Wetpaint

Ben Elowitz fueled an entertainment site with Facebook friends. He shares some of his playbook here.


The New New Web: Ask Not Who Needs It, Ask Who Wants It

The Internet has evolved from being a need-driven utility medium with only a handful of winners to a discovery-driven entertainment medium with room for multiple winners.

News Byte

Sites That Help Their Users Tweet Are More Likely to Get Tweeted

Web pages that include Twitter share buttons and links are seven times more likely to be mentioned in tweets, according to a new study by SEO firm BrightEdge. Yet 57.5 percent of the top 10,000 Web sites do not include Twitter buttons, BrightEdge found. Granted, Web sites that have highly shareable content, like publications, probably are more likely to have figured out this whole tweet button thing than those that don’t.


The Web Is Shrinking. Now What?

We all read the statistics every week documenting the meteoric new growth areas of the Internet, and they are impressive. But what’s happening to the rest of the Web?

Is Google Making Us Stupid? … Obviously.