Viral Video: Walt and I Finally Get to Show Off Our Internet Garage

It’s no Google or Hewlett-Packard garage, but it’ll do.

Is He In or Is He Out? Crunchtime for Scott Thompson at Yahoo.

Waiting for a verdict in trial of ResuMess.
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Viral Video: An Interview With Andreessen Horowitz’s Jeff Jordan

Jeff Jordan: Unplugged.

Tech Is Glamour-ous: Mag Hosts Panel on Women in Tech (Video)

What’s the state of women in tech? Click in to find out.

You Will Know Jack–Square CEO Dorsey Added to D9 Speaker Lineup

We’ve added Jack Dorsey, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest entrepreneurs, to the D: All Things Digital conference stage. He’s now busy disrupting the online payments space with his Square start-up, and before that invented a little service called Twitter. Heard of it?

Viral Video: Google Inside Out With Steven Levy

The Churchill Club posted this video of a morning interview session I did with author and journalist Steven Levy last week in Silicon Valley. Levy talked about his new book, “In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives.”

Viral Video: "Attack the Block" and BoomTown Debut at SXSW

Like many a geek–and after a decade away–I’m headed to South by Southwest later this week. To get in the mood for the well-known multimedia festival in Austin, here’s one of the films making its debut this coming weekend. It’s called “Attack the Block,” and has the best tag line ever: “Inner City Versus Outer Space.” Which is just about how I am feeling about SXSW!

Microsoft and Some Big Thinking Heads at Farsight 2011: "Beyond the Search Box"

Oh dear, BoomTown is still jetlagged from a recent trip to China and now Microsoft Bing is offering up a head-requiring event later this morning in San Francisco to explore the future of search. There better be donuts. A lot and with sprinkles, since speakers include the lugubrious investor and hedge fund philosophizer Peter Thiel and skunk-at-a-Web-garden-party author Malcolm Gladwell.

From U.S. to Germany to China–BoomTown Goes Around the (Digital) World in a Week

It’s a big, wide and very digital world out there and that’s why I’m headed around the globe–quite literally–for the next week to see some non-Silicon Valley tech trends and more.

D@CES Highlights Video: Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang

Our next highlights video from our D@CES event last week is of Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Huang talked about how mobile is about to see super-duper-duper smartphones and also touched on the chipmaker’s legal battle with Intel, which was settled earlier this week.

Verizon 4G Network to Launch Sunday

Here's a Promoted Tweet Survey From TWTRCON

Full D8 Video: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong