The Disequilibrium of Power: How Retransmission Consent Went So Wrong, and How to Fix It

Local broadcast retransmission consent legislation was never intended to fund NFL rights acquisition and prime-time network programming.

Your Poor Couch! Netflix Viewers Don’t Cut Back on Regular TV.

Are you watching Netflix? TiVo says you’re not cutting back on your regular TV habits. Which means you are spending a lot of time watching TV, period.


If I Could Have Just One Functionality From My Streaming Video Services, This Would Be It …

Downloading is dying, “streaming won,” and yet we are in a no-man’s-land of not always being connected.

Big Data, Soft Sell: Netflix Pitches a Hands-Off Approach to Hollywood

Sure, Netflix knows a lot about you and what you like to watch. But that doesn’t mean it knows how to make stuff you want to watch.


Streaming Forward: Where the Streaming Content Industry Is Headed in 2013 and Beyond

When will a robust streaming TV guide be available that simply encompasses all available content?

Want to See Why You Can’t Get HBO or Showtime Without Paying for Cable? Watch This Ad.

You might not like the tie-up between the programmers and the cable guys. But the system works great for them, for now.

A Sneak Peek at “House of Cards,” Netflix’s First Big Bet on Original Content

Kevin Spacey and David Fincher team up to make an HBO-like series. Reed Hastings has $100 million (or so) riding on it.
kevin spacey house of games

Viral Video: Hulu’s Original “Paul, the Male Matchmaker” Set to Debut

Once more into the Internet content series breach!

Netflix Doesn’t Want to Compete With Cable, Hulu, iTunes or GameFly. But HBO …

Reed Hastings make his case, again: We’re just another cable TV network, and people seem to like that just fine.
reed hastings netflix

The Louis C.K. Window

Louis C.K. isn’t the first performer to sell directly to his fans using the Web. But if he wants to, he can keep working with Big Media, too. Clever.

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