A Hollywood Experiment: Paramount Streams “Transformers” to Your PC

You can see why Viacom’s studio would be interested in going straight to its consumers. But it’s also easy to see the challenges.

Binging in the Holidays (With Donuts!)

Microsoft announced a bunch of new Bing updates, most notably deeper Facebook integration and a coming update for the iPhone app that allows users to upload their own panorama images.

AdobSoft? "Nonsense" on the Microsoft-Adobe Rumor (In Any Case, It'd More Likely Be GooDobe)

Investment bankers and stock markets can calm down–Microsoft and Adobe are not in talks about an acquisition. Spurred by a story in the New York Times that Microsoft was eyeing the software company for purchase, Adobe stock went wild today, up 11.5 percent to $28.69. Except, according to numerous sources at both companies with whom I talked today, it’s “nonsense.”

Watch Vikings vs. Saints Live on the Web, for Free, Tonight. But Don't Get Used to It

The NFL kicks off again tonight with a great game, and if you’re not in front of a TV, you’re not screwed: You can still watch the Minnesota vs. New Orleans game live on the Web, legally and for free, via NBC’s Football Extra feature. But don’t plan on making a habit of it.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie Live at D8

As an indicator of the headwinds facing Microsoft and its CEO, Steve Ballmer, today, two pieces of news last week are worth considering. The first, that Apple had overtaken Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, would seem to signal Microsoft is no longer quite the driving force in technology that it once was, particularly in the consumer space. The second, word of a restructuring that will give Ballmer greater oversight of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, indicates the company is scrambling to change this.
Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie

Windows Phone 7 Series Even More Impressive Than Previously Thought

Microsoft added a bit more to its Windows Phone 7 Series story at its MIX10 event this morning, revealing some of the mobile operating system’s features and detailing how developers can write software for it. While it’s obviously far too early to make any big declarations about it, the OS certainly seems competitive–and compelling.

Two Microsoft Search Dudes Talk About Bing! (BoomTown's Flip Is Waiting by the Phone for the Google Search Gurus' Call!)

Yesterday, BoomTown liveblogged a demo session Microsoft held for reporters about some new features on its Bing search service, a glimpse at what Twitter and Facebook integration will look like and the debut of a nifty new beta of its online map service. It is still the bazillion-dollar question–and I do mean a bazillion dollars, since that’s about what Microsoft has lost online after many years of trying–whether Bing can gain some truly significant share in the search market and challenge the sector’s behemoth, Google. So, at the event, I talked to two Microsoft search execs–Harry Shum, a corporate VP who is leading core search development, and Brian MacDonald, corporate VP for Core Search Program Management–about their thoughts on Bing so far.

Microsoft Updates Bing

Liveblogging Bing Demo: No Donuts, Unlikely to Pay for De-Indexing Google, but Cool New Maps

BoomTown is awaiting a passel of Microsoft execs, who will be talking about a range of new features for Bing. I will be liveblogging, but I must say, I wish there were donuts.

Chrome Netbooks Headed to Market by 2010 Holidays

Google’s Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management and Matthew Papakipos, engineering director for Google Chrome OS–joined by founder Sergey Brin–discuss how they plan to bring the OS to the market, then answer some questions from the audience.

Google’s Chrome OS: “It Just Works”

Seeing Is Believing: Bing Gets Visual Search

Bing: Now With Visual Search

Bing 2.0: "Super Imressive!”

Goodbye Netflix DVD Mailers …

Gates at CES: Big Pimpin'