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All Things Digital for 2011

SB Nation Sacks AOL in Raid of Former Engadget Team for Competing New Tech Site, As AOL Zeroes in on New EiC

Jim Bankoff, the fomer AOL exec responsible for buying Engadget for the Internet portal, has grabbed eight staffers who had recently left the huge tech site amid tensions, in order to start a new gadget property for his SB Nation sports and news platform. The site–which is still unnamed and will be run by outgoing Engadget Editor-in-Chief Josh Topolsky–will debut sometime in the fall. Meanwhile, AOL has zeroed in on a new leader to replace Topolsky.

Will Secretary of State Clinton's "Internet Freedom Agenda" Finally Get Traction?

Yesterday, in a major policy speech in Washington, D.C., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumped on the Internet bandwagon again, unveiling a $25 million government investment for entrepreneurs to allow dissidents to thwart “thugs, hackers and censors.” Since that’s about the amount a third-string social photo-sharing site gets while walking down University Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif., from venture capitalists with bags of money to spend, let me just say the money is, well, underwhelming. Clinton’s speech, thankfully, was much better.

Twitter Kicks Off Its Super Bowl Site, Using Visa's Money

Twitter + big TV events are a natural combination, and one that Twitter has been playing up as it sells itself to advertisers.

Do You Check Facebook or Email First Each Day?

When you first roll out of bed and hop onto your laptop (or perhaps you grab your iPad or phone before you roll out of bed), what site or service do you load up first?

Backstage at the Onion's New TV Show

The Onion lands its second TV show in a month–this one is the pitch-perfect “Onion News Network” on IFC–and we sit down with head writer Carol Kolb.

The Atlantic Pretties Up With Photos

Hard to believe it took this long to become a trend, but there you go: Another Web publisher embraces beautiful, screen-hogging photos. Sort of like TV….

SkypeOut: Service Is Down for Millions

No, I can’t hear you now, say millions of Skype users as the Internet telephony service experiences a widespread outage on Wednesday.

Careful Where You Click! Google Flags Hacked Sites.

Gawkergate got you feeling itchy about the sites you visit? Perhaps Google can help.

News Byte

China's Baidu Launches Its Own Version of Groupon

While Google was making headlines this week for reportedly trying to acquire Groupon, Baidu–its biggest Chinese rival–was busy launching its own version of the group buying site. Youa Tuangou, which means “group buy” in Chinese, went live yesterday on Baidu’s Youa e-commerce platform. Any merchant listed on the company’s Baidu Shenbian consumer review site can create discounted offerings to be promoted on the new service. Groupon, meanwhile, has acquired three Web sites in Asia, but none of them operate in mainland China.

Myspace Modernizes Mobile Site and App

The Ad Tech Boom, Explained

Wonderwall Goes Latino

How to Waste Even More Time on YouTube

Hulu Still Beating the IPO Drum