The NeatConnect Scanner Is a Cloud-Connected Guilty Pleasure

A hassle-free scanner that’s easy to set up and does most of what it promises to do. But there’s a catch: It costs $500.

Fresh Off Rebranding Effort, Hightail Lands $34 Million in New Funding

New mission. New name. New money.

With 120M Users, Google Drive Gets Tighter Integration With Gmail

“We’re trying to unify the file experience across Google and then beyond,” said Scott Johnston.
A sketch for the design of the new Google Drive integration in Gmail

Media Device Stores and Shares Well With Others

SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Media Device may relieve some of your devices’ storage burden and could serve as a media-sharing godsend on a long car trip.

Microsoft Investigating What’s Keeping Customers From Getting Email

Some customers are having trouble accessing Microsoft’s Web-based email system.

Transferring Video to a PC

Walt answers a reader who wants to know how to transfer videotape material to a PC.

Microsoft: Your Privacy Is Our Priority. No, Seriously. Stop Laughing!

Microsoft responds to a Guardian report saying that it helps the NSA and FBI spy on consumers who use its services.

Photo-Sharing Startup Cooliris Partners With China’s Tencent, Russia’s Yandex

More sources of photo input for the startup.


Monetizing Photos and Video Clips in the New World of Bits

There are five distinct approaches that companies are taking in the race to make money.


A Year Later, What Google Drive Means for Startups

Building on platforms is one of the greatest opportunities for growth.

A Laptop for Light Work

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