Sharethrough CEO on Why You Should Care About Social Video Ads (Video)

Sharethrough is a new kind of ad platform: One focused exclusively on video and social sharing. Basically, it guarantees it can get your funny ad a lot of views.

Posterous Goes Bare: Shows Us All Its Stats

The lightweight blogging company Posterous volunteered to open its books recently, coughing up every product stat NetworkEffect asked for during a recent visit.

1000Memories Funded by Greylock, Angels

1000Memories, the social media site for friends and family to memorialize loved ones who’ve passed away, is disclosing today it has raised $3 million worth of funding.

Exclusive: Motorola Mobility to Acquire Ex-Googlers’ Stealthy Android-for-the-Enterprise Start-Up

Motorola Mobility has snapped up 3LM, a tiny 10-person Mountain View start-up that aims to make Android a more secure platform for businesses.

Google Ventures Sows Seed Funding With New Start-Up Lab (Video Tour)

As incoming CEO Larry Page seeks to recapture Google’s entrepreneurial spirit, Google Ventures thinks it’s in for a year of expansion and support from its corporate parent.


Early Adopter: Connect Your Personal Data Pipes Together With Ifttt’s Digital Duct Tape

APIs make the personal Web go round, but for years now, dealing with them has been the domain of the programmer. Now, San Francisco start-up ifttt is hoping to use super-simple design to allow ordinary users to bend pieces of the Web to their own will and create connections between previously siloed services. No coding required.

The Locker Project Helps You Stalk Yourself Online

A new start-up called Singly is building an open-source service called the Locker Project to help users archive and leverage their own data.

Hearsay Brings Compliance to Social Media

Hearsay Labs today launched a social media platform for companies that have both corporate brands and local representatives, with existing customers such as Farmers Insurance, State Farm and 24 Hour Fitness.

Custom Shoe Site Milk & Honey Gets Tripped Up After TV Spot

Milk & Honey, a Web site started by two sisters that lets women design their own shoes, is back online today after its business came to a screeching halt after making a rare appearance on E! News.

Former Apple Designer Launches Digital Book Start-Up Push Pop Press

Mike Matas, the designer known for joining Apple at age 19 after creating the media management tool Delicious Library, today launched a new start-up called Push Pop Press.