Google Confirms It Has Acquired Smart Watch Maker WIMM Labs

The workers behind the high-tech watch are now said to be part of Google’s Android team.

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Pebble, the Kickstarter-Funded Smart Watch, Comes to Best Buy

Pebble, the E-ink “smart” watch that started shipping back in February, is finally coming to retail stores. The $150 watch will be sold at Best Buy stores starting on July 7. The exclusive partnership is Pebble’s first retail launch of the device, after raising more than $10.2 million on Kickstarter last year (previously, the Pebble could be ordered through the company’s own website). The watch, which connects with iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth to alert the wearer to app activity, will be available in jet black and cherry red.

Sony Takes Another Stab at a Smart Watch, This Time With NFC

Here a watch, there a watch, everywhere a smart watch …

E Ink Hopes New Display Will Help It Nab Share of Wearable Market Everyone Is Talking About

The flexible display maker hopes the wrist of the future will have room for one of its new 1.7-inch screens.
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Electric Cars, Wearable Computing and TV Disruption — 10 Things You Missed During the First Two Days of D11

Not constantly refreshing our homepage? Never fear — here’s a good place to start if you missed anything from the first two days at D11.


Microsoft Working With Suppliers on Designs for Touch-Enabled Watch Device

Microsoft Corp. is working on designs for a touch-enabled watch device, executives at suppliers said, potentially joining rivals like Apple Inc. in working on a new class of computing products.

A Wristwatch Tells When Phone Calls, Emails Arrive

Walt reviews a new $150 digital wristwatch called Pebble that connects to an iPhone or Android phone wirelessly and displays notifications and previews of calls, texts, and emails.

Pebble Smart Watch Starts Shipping (Well, Less Than 500 of Them)

Yes, we’re still talking about when the Pebble will ship.

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Pebble Watch Will Finally Ship on January 23

Pebble, the E-Ink “smart” watch that generated more than $10 million in preorders on Kickstarter last year, finally has a ship date: The company says it will go out Jan. 23, and that all 85,000 backers should receive their watches within six to eight weeks. The $150 Pebble is compatible with iPhone and Android, using Bluetooth to send alerts from smartphone to watch, and includes magnetic compass-like technology as well as light sensors.

As Apple Smart Watch Rumors Swirl, Pebble Gets FCC Approval

No updated delivery dates, though.
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