Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch Needs More Time

The Qualcomm Toq features some cool technology, but you don’t want to buy this smartwatch. Not yet, anyway.

Uncovering a More Useful Android Lock Screen

Cover creates a smarter Android lock screen by giving you access to the apps you want, when you want them, but it needs a little fine-tuning.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Marks Giant Leap (In Screen Size) for Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 1520’s giant size will turn off a lot of people, but if you’ve been craving Windows Phone on the big screen, it’s a solid (and your only) choice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Nice Camera, Clunky Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can take some good photos with its optical zoom, but it comes at the expense of a bulky smartphone design.

New E-Book Services Borrow a Page From Netflix

Oyster and Scribd let you read an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee, but is there enough content to make it worth it?

Nokia Unveils Lumia 1520, 1320 Phablets; Instagram Finally Coming to Windows Phone

OMG, the Instagram Windows Phone app is finally coming! Oh, and supersized Windows Phone devices.
Nokia Lumia 1520

Happy Hours to Dinner Dates: Apps That Aim to Simplify Event Planning

Planning a simple get-together can wind up in a lot of back and forth over email or phone. WePopp and Rundavoo can help simplify the process.

Sony’s Latest Xperia Phones, SmartWatch 2 Launch in U.S.; No Carrier Announcements Yet

Sony’s latest Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 smartphones are now available in the U.S. — if you have loads of cash.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra

ZTE Expands U.S. Offerings with Nubia 5, Grand S

Chinese phone maker ZTE is launching two new smartphones in the U.S., but they’re not really new.
ZTE Grand S (left) and Nubia 5 (right)

Republic Wireless Finally Gets a Modern Smartphone With Addition of Moto X

The wireless carrier finally gets a modern phone, and introduces new service plans.
MotoX 11

LG G2: A Solid Performer Held Back by Design, Software Flaws

Microsoft Deal Could Mean End of the Road for Nokia-Branded Smartphones

HTC One Finally Lands at Verizon August 22 for $200

The Journey to Find a Good Travel Journal App

Google Launches Android Device Manager to Help Locate Lost Phones

Serenity Now: Apps to Help Manage Your Stress and Mood

SwiftKey Cloud Brings Your Favorite Slang Terms to All of Your Devices

Verizon Looks to Edge Out Competition With Six-Month Upgrade Program

HTC Hoping to Make Another Big Impression With One Mini

Sony Steps Up Its Smartphone Game With the Xperia Z

The Road Ahead: Garmin HUD Projects Directions Onto Your Windshield