QOTD: Sneaky Snaps

Back when we had cameras that weren’t in our phones, it would be really strange to just walk up to someone and take a picture of them, or kind of place the camera on the table and try to sneak a picture of someone as they’re ordering food or something.

— Kristen Wiig, talking about the “weird phenomenon” of ubiquitious/surreptitious photographs, on Vulture.com


With New Outsourcing Deal, BlackBerry Cancels Two Phones

A small item from BlackBerry’s earnings-related filing Friday got lost in the news of its hardware partnership with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group–sales of its new phones have been so bad that BlackBerry was forced to cancel the rollout of two not-yet-released phones.

QOTD: It’s-a-Me! Mobile Strategy!

We recognize that there are a lot of smartphones and tablets out there … We’re also doing a lot of experimentation of what I would call the little experiences you can have on your smartphone and tablet that will drive you back to your Nintendo hardware.

— Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie, in an interview with King 5 News in Seattle. Nintendo has long resisted bringing its IP to mobile devices.


Two More Executives Leaving BlackBerry

The leadership upheaval at BlackBerry Ltd. continues under interim Chief Executive John Chen, according to people familiar with the matter.


BlackBerry’s Next Move

When BlackBerry reports its fiscal third-quarter earnings on Friday, investors and analysts expect almost every key financial metric to have worsened.


Samsung’s Next Challenge: Selling Phones to Businesses

Samsung Electronics Co. is already the world’s biggest seller of smartphones to consumers. But to win more corporate and government clients, the South Korean technology giant has to master a new set of skills — and has to do it quickly.


iPhone 5S Wait Time Drops as Foxconn Boosts Production

The waiting time for iPhone 5Ss has shortened significantly as major assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has been running its factories round the clock, adding more workers to its production lines.


BlackBerry Rolls Out Its BBM Social Network

BlackBerry Ltd. on Tuesday pushed ahead with what has become one of the few areas of growth for the troubled smartphone maker — the development of its BlackBerry messaging application.


ZTE Jumps on Smartwatch Bandwagon

When Samsung Electronics Co.’s early-September Galaxy Gear launch created a hype around the potential market for smartwatches, it was certain that we would soon see cheaper versions from Chinese competitors.


Appeals Court Revives Apple Bid for Ban on Samsung Devices

A federal appeals court on Monday gave Apple Inc. a fresh chance to argue Samsung Electronics Co. should be barred from selling phones and tablets a jury said infringed on patents held by the computer giant.

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