Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky on App Discovery, Distribution and the Power of Chat Networks

The successful games investor chats about, well, chat.

With Private Messaging, Instagram and Twitter Continue Their Arms Race

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the two apps apart.

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Snapchat Raises $50 Million in Series C Round

Ephemeral messaging startup Snapchat has raised $50 million in a Series C round of venture capital, according to an SEC filing. The money was contributed by a single investor, CEO Evan Spiegel told TechCrunch. With today’s investment and the $60 million Series B round just a few months ago, Snapchat has raised upward of $120 million in total.

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Twitter Adds Private Photo Messaging to Mobile

As AllThingsD reported earlier this year that it would, Twitter on Tuesday launched a significant revamp of its private messaging product, adding the ability to send photos via Direct Message. Twitter also added a swipeable timeline feature (which we also reported would happen). All of this comes days before a highly anticipated Instagram event.

With New COO Hire, Snapchat Means (Non-Ephemeral) Business

The company that has proved increasingly popular with teens is starting to grow up.

The Buzziest Social Network, According to Hip-Hop

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Smartphone sales, in-app gaming and sticker packs! Can American companies learn a thing or two about monetization from Asian messaging services?

We Still Don’t Know Snapchat’s Magic User Numbers (But Here’s a Bunch of Other Interesting New Stats, Including About Norway!)

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Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Totally Doesn’t Have a Teenager Problem

Facebook’s COO talks to AllThingsD about teens, the health of the company’s mobile ad business and the possibility of a major Snapchat acquisition.

Could Google or Tencent Beat Facebook to Buying Snapchat?

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