Insert Bad Cat Pun Here: Mountain Lion Usage Growing Quickly

Mac Web traffic from Mountain Lion nearly doubles.
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Meet Mountain Lion: The Latest Mac OS

Apple is previewing the latest version of its Mac OS X software today.

Courage for Lion Users

Katie offers some tips and shortcuts to making the most of Apple’s new operating system.
Mac OS X Lion

PC Downloads as Easy as an App

Installing new software on a personal computer can be a time-consuming and tedious process that’s nowhere near as fast and effortless as downloading an app for a smartphone. Now there’s a better way: Get an app for your PC.

Shocking Bieber Upset: Oil Spill Tops Twitter's 2010 Trends

Although World Cup tweeting caused record high volume and infrastructure demands on Twitter, the most-discussed topic on Twitter this year was actually the Gulf oil spill, said the San Francisco-based company tonight.

Apple Music Event Livestream a Test of New Data Center?

Interesting. For the first time in five years, Apple will stream one of its media events live. Late Tuesday afternoon the company said it would broadcast tomorrow’s affair to anyone with a Snow Leopard Mac or iOS device like the iPhone and iPad–live.

Apple Adds Touches to Its Mac Desktops

Katie reviews Apple’s latest gadget, the $69 Magic Trackpad, which is essentially a large, freestanding touch pad that brings multi-touch features to desktop Macs.

Apple Still Selling Laptops, Refreshes MacBook Pro Line

Perhaps the iPad and tablet computers will replace laptops one day. But for now, most people are still going to use conventional computers for day-to-day work.

Weekend Update 02.13.10–The Hot Mess Edition

Rogue waves aren’t completely unheard of during surfing competitions in Northern California, but a foot of snow in Dallas? About as likely as Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz grilling Kara Swisher in front of a packed auditorium. All right, it was a cafeteria packed with Yahoo employees, but still.

Parallels Zips Past Fusion in Running Windows on Macs

Walt reviews the latest software for running Windows on a Mac without rebooting.

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