Disney Brings Full Club Penguin Game to iPad, With Apple’s Blessing for Subscription Model

“It’s not a game. It’s a kids’ social network in the guise of a game.”


BlackBerry Rolls Out Its BBM Social Network

BlackBerry Ltd. on Tuesday pushed ahead with what has become one of the few areas of growth for the troubled smartphone maker — the development of its BlackBerry messaging application.

Social Network Path Sends 20 Percent of its Staff Walking

The company says it is hard at work on the next version of its mobile social service and that its business remains healthy.

QOTD: 23andFamilyandFriends

It’s one thing to post your DNA on Facebook. But you’re also invading the privacy of people you’re related to.

Missy Krasner, executive in residence at Morgenthaler Ventures, on companies like 23andMe, which encourage clients to share their genealogical data on the Internet

Meet the NSA’s Own Social Graphs, Composed of Americans’ Data

No arduous sign-up process required!

NYT Reporter’s Upcoming Twitter Book Hints at a Founding Tale of Palace Intrigue

A tech tale that can’t be told in 140 characters or less.

Former Facebook Exec Ali Rosenthal Joins MessageMe as COO

Can the mobile app that lets you communicate better on a smartphone break out with new exec?

Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


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Obvious-Backed Startup Branch Releases Interest-Based Network “Potluck”

Branch, the startup backed by Obvious Corp., debuted Potluck on Tuesday morning. Users post links on the service — a social network of sorts that focuses on communicating around content and interests — and friends aren’t able to see who posted the link until visiting the discussion thread around it. The philosophy, according to founder Josh Miller, is to reduce the performative stress component in social sharing, and place the emphasis on the interests that bring people together. The product is available on the Web beginning today, and will come to iOS in the next few weeks.

Like a “Like,” but Better: See.Me Lets You Tip Artists With Actual Money

Like a thumbs-up, except you can use it to buy things.
seeme support me

An Amazing Social Network (Comic)