Your iTunes Collection, Displayed as a Solar System

The Cooper-Hewitt Museum is showcasing an artifact that isn’t even tangible: An open-sourced app called Planetary that’s meant to be an “evolving piece of design.”

News Byte

Seagate Plans $180 Million R&D Center for Empty Solyndra Plant

The vacated Solyndra solar plant in Fremont, Calif., is getting a new tenant focused on the future of a more mature technology. Seagate Technology on Friday announced plans for a $180 million research and development complex, employing as many as 600 people, to work on next-generation disk drives. The Solyndra plant, highly energy efficient and powered in part with solar panels, is “as close as we could get if we were building a custom facility tailored to our needs,” said Steven Deason, Seagate’s facilities director.

Romney Disses Tesla as “Loser” at Debate

Tesla becomes a political hot potato.

Apple Building Smaller, High-Security “Tactical” Data Center in Maiden, N.C.

The new, highly secure facility will be next to the company’s main data center.

New Solar-Powered Case Brings More Battery Life to Already Long-Lasting Kindle

We know: The next time you’ll need to charge your Kindle is when your firstborn graduates college. Still, SolarFocus is bringing even more battery life to the e-reader.

Forget Cleantech — It’s Cleanweb at SXSW

Can smartphones help save the planet?


Google, KKR Set California Solar Deal

Google Inc. and KKR & Co. Inc. are expected to announce today a joint investment in a California solar-power project, showing investor interest in the industry amid expiring government incentives.

Apple Is Going to Spend a Lot of Money on … Something

Billions! On iCloud, maybe. Or solar farms. Or much less sexy but important things. Like, you know, factories and stuff.

Apple’s Secret Solar Farm [Updated]

When Apple next breaks ground in Maiden, N.C., it won’t be to build a second data center alongside its vast Catawba County facility. Instead, it will be to construct a massive solar farm to power it.

Google Becomes Big Fan of Oregon Wind Farm

Google’s renewable energy efforts continued apace today with the company’s second cleantech investment this month. Last week, Google took a $168 million equity stake in the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a utility-scale solar plant being developed in the Mojave Desert. Today, it announced it had invested $100 million in the Shepherds Flat project, an Oregon wind farm.