Facebook Responds to Zuckerberg Profile Hack: Our Bad (Sorta)

The hacker says he was just trying to help!
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

Timehop’s Next Stop Could Be Your Calendar

Timehop taps into your social networks to remind you what you did a year ago today. But the start-up is starting to look beyond social.

“Like My Status” Was Facebook’s Breakout Meme in 2011

Last year’s winner was “HMU,” for “hit me up”; in 2009, it was “FML” for “(eff) my life.”

No, You Weren’t Alone: Apple’s iCloud Stumbled at Launch

Apple says it has had at least five hiccups since the new service launched Wednesday. It helpfully documents on them on a new status page.

Exclusive: Flipboard Confirms $50 Million Funding at $200 Million Valuation

Late last month, BoomTown posted about a huge venture funding effort by the high-profile and even more highly designed social media reading app for the Apple iPad, Flipboard. Today, its co-founder and CEO Mike McCue confirmed a $50 million round at an eye-popping $200 million valuation, in a wide-ranging interview at the start-up’s Palo Alto, Calif., HQ.

Bubbly "Voice Twitter" Service Launches in the Philippines

I last wrote about Bubble Motion, provider of the Bubbly mobile messaging service, exactly a year ago. At the time, the company had 150,000 users. Today, it has more than seven million.

Collecta: Another Real-time Search Engine Bites the Dust

Los Angeles-based start-up Collecta has shuttered its real-time search business, including a destination site, API and publisher widgets. The company follows OneRiot, Ellerdale and other competitors that have hightailed away from indexing status updates from social services, which a couple of years ago had seemed like an enormous opportunity.

A New Social Network Where Inquiring Minds Run Wild

Katie takes a look at Quora, a question-and-answer site that encourages thoughtful—even long-winded—discussions.

"Hit Me Up" Was Facebook's Breakout Slang in 2010

Other items besides Justin Bieber made it onto Facebook’s list of 2010 trends in status messages. But don’t think for a second that Bieber didn’t earn his spot on yet another year-end roundup.

Pulse News App for iPad Gets Social

Myspace Modernizes Mobile Site and App

Live from Facebook's Email Messages Launch

China Drops Google’s Call