The 13 Most Awesome Moments From Jonah Peretti’s Colbert Show Interview

… are contained in this six-minute video clip.
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Tumblr’s David Karp Talks to Stephen Colbert About Porn, Profits and Mean Girls

“One of the scariest moments of my life” works out pretty well for Yahoo’s most famous new hire.
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How to Make Your Own Google Glass

Courtesy of Stephen Colbert.
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Welcome to Twitter, President Clinton


What Do Facebook “Likes” Really Mean? Stephen Colbert Knows.

Bonus content: Look closely and you’ll find a subtle “native ad”!
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What Do You Mean There Is No Dairy Queen on This Map?

North Korea has been added to Google Maps, so you can now get biking, driving, or forced marching directions.

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Eric Schmidt and Stephen Colbert on Everything From Politics to Google Play (Video)

What is Google Play? Schmidt tells Colbert: “It’s the competitor to the rain forest.”
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One Last Pre-Election Chat With Pundit Slayer Nate Silver

Who is pro-Ebola, it turns out.
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Sokanu Says Science Can Help You Find Your Dream Job

Job placement meets, with a dash of Stephen Colbert.
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McKayla Is Impressed With Stephen Colbert

A medal-winning visit from a meme-making team (and their mothers).
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Stephen Colbert Wins Twitter!

Viral Video: "The View" Vs. "The Talk"