Steve Jobs Movie Slammed by Critics — And Woz

Judging by the reviews for “Jobs,” many people will hope for more from Aaron Sorkin’s planned film about the former Apple CEO.


Antiques for Geeks: Christie’s Auctions Vintage Apple Computers

As legend has it, the first Apple AAPL computers were made in 1976 in the garage belonging to Steve Jobs’s parents. Of that run of roughly 200 Apple 1s, only a few working models remain. One is currently up for auction at Christie’s.

For Sale: Old Apple, Very Expensive

One of Steve Jobs’s first computers might sell for more than $500,000.
apple 1 christies


What if a Computer Could Be a Teacher?

The ability to have one-on-one interactions with dynamically aware computers could completely revolutionize the way we learn.

Q&A: Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell on Innovation, the “Next Steve Jobs” and Why Mobile Games Are “Over”

Also, why Google Glass is the next big thing in gaming.

So What the Heck Is an Apple Fusion Drive Anyway?

Take a typical hard drive, add flash memory chips, and you get what? Something completely new.

Steve Wozniak’s Surprise Birthday Party, in Photos

Happy birthday, Woz. Now, let’s play Tetris.
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Fusion-io Has a Big Present for Woz’s Birthday

Flash memory takes another big step toward taking over the data center, and blowing up the storage array business.

Woz Likes Surface

I want to own one. I want to use one.

— Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, about the Microsoft Surface tablet

Woz Plus Spock Equals a Geek Swarm

The Year in Wisecracks

If Woz Ran Apple