Steven Sinofsky: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

In an interview at D11, Sinofsky said he is enjoying his “sabbatical” and is not eager to revisit the recent past nor jump to the next thing.


Executive in Residence at Harvard Business School

Returning to D is Steven Sinofsky, who left Microsoft earlier this year after running its flagship Windows franchise. (In fact, he demoed Windows 8 onstage in 2011.) As one of the software giant’s most high-profile execs, Sinofsky has always had a keen view of the entire tech landscape beyond Redmond. Sinofsky spent 23 years at Microsoft, where he managed the creation of Windows 8 and Surface, led development for Windows 7, and held various engineering and general management positions for Microsoft Office. He also worked as Bill Gates’s technical assistant and, with co-author Marco Iansiti, wrote “One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making.” He is now ensconced at Harvard Business School, and maintains a tech and management-focused blog called “Learning by Shipping.”

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