Painful Profits From Web Video

Media companies are starting to cash in on Internet video. But that new money could be coming at a cost as fewer young people watch traditional television.

News Corp. Gets Ready to Say Goodbye to Myspace

Myspace’s time with News Corp. is coming to an end. Then again, it’s been headed that way for quite some time–it’s just that News Corp. is now being that much more forthright about it.

Viral Video: AOL Media Head David Eun Gets Jiggy in Internal All-Hands Video

While he has been striking a lot of content deals of late for AOL, there seems to have been enough time in his day of trying to turn around the struggling Web giant for Media and Studios President David Eun to make a rap-techo-whatever video for the troops. While many division leaders might just release a dull memo, the former Google exec went right to the videotape, and I mean really went for it.

Kabam Raises Serious Dough to Develop Serious Games for Social

Social games developer Kabam has raised a hefty round of funding to develop games for Facebook that appeal to a more traditional gaming demographic–and probably not your mother.

Not a Hobby Anymore: New Apple TV Sales Hit One Million

Nothing to be ashamed of, but not a shock, either. Next up: Convincing more studios to let it sell or rent shows at lower prices.

Netflix Shatters Pay TV Window With FilmDistrict Deal

Intent on remaking the cable landscape, Netflix this morning inked another distribution deal, this one with FilmDistrict. Under its terms, first-run films that typically would have been licensed to cable channels for broadcast during the so-called “pay TV window” will now instead go to Netflix for streaming.

Hollywood's Big Hope: Google Shows Up With Suitcase Full of Money. It Could Happen!

Here’s a script Hollywood has been pitching for some time: Google comes to town with a checkbook in hand. And maybe Google is listening! A reported deal for Miramax’s digital rights could be coming.

Google TV: No Need to Tune In Just Yet

Google TV, the latest attempt to integrate Web video and regular TV, is a bold effort, but it is ultimately too complicated for mainstream use.

Those Bits Aren't Free: Netflix Could Be Racking Up a $2 Billion Content Tab

“Digital” doesn’t equal “cheap” for Reed Hastings’s company. The online move has cost Netflix $1.2 billion in streaming rights so far, and that number will probably get much bigger in 2011.

Netflix Adds Another Studio: Sony Agrees to 28-Day DVD "Window"

More movement from Netflix as it transitions from discs to digital: A distribution deal with Sony that reduces its access to DVDs in exchange for lower fees and more rights to stream movies to your home.

Pirate Bay Runs Aground, Again

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Google vs. China