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StumbleUpon Acquires Video Discovery Startup 5by

StumbleUpon, the website discovery startup that has been around for more than a decade, announced on Tuesday it has acquired 5by, a Montreal-based video discovery startup. The six-person 5by team will relocate to StumbleUpon’s San Francisco-based offices, and for now will continue supporting the 5by standalone mobile and Web-based apps as it works toward integrating into StumbleUpon’s products. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Garrett Camp’s Expa Aims to Channel StumbleUpon and Uber Lessons Into New Companies

“I’ve been sort of doing this informally but I figured I should formalize it,” said Camp.

The Future of Disqus Aims at Better Discovery (Trolls Not Welcome)

Disqus wants to be more than just another comment platform. Step one: Community-building.

People Behind Uber Want to Do the Same Thing for Private Planes With BlackJet

Private space travel coming next. Well, probably.
Promo image from Greenjets, the company that was restructured with Camp's funding to become BlackJet

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StumbleUpon Launches on Windows 8

Social discovery site StumbleUpon announced a Windows 8 application on Thursday, one of a number of early Microsoft partners to launch with the revamped operating system. Among other features, users can jump from site to site from within the “Metro-style” tiles that make up the new Windows interface. In line with the company’s latest initiative to ramp up social, the StumbleUpon app increases the focus on sharing content with other friends through the Windows 8 “Charm” interface.

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StumbleUpon Relaunch Aims for More Social Discovery

Web discovery site StumbleUpon rolled out its revamped look widely on Tuesday, adding new sections aiming to increase user activity and discovery. It’s a refresh combining the most social aspects of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, complete with the addition of a more visually oriented homepage. Users can now follow friend activity and trending pages across the site, as well as create lists of favorite places visited. The overhaul is the largest set of changes implemented in StumbleUpon’s 10-year history.

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StumbleUpon Snags Yahoo Exec for VP of Product Role

StumbleUpon Thursday morning tapped former Yahoo executive Cody Simms to be vice president of product at the social discovery Web site. Simms spent seven years at Yahoo in various product-related roles, and previously held product positions at the New York Times and NBC Internet. The hire comes little more than a month after StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp stepped down from the CEO position, which remains to be filled.

Flipora Launches a Smarter StumbleUpon Based on Your Web History

Flipora today releases a “Pandora for Web sites” that will help users discover new content based on their interests and previous behavior.

StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp Steps Down, 10 Years Later

Garrett Camp, the co-founder and long-time CEO of Web discovery service StumbleUpon, is moving on.

StumbleUpon Gets a Face-Lift and Some Boldfaced Names

StumbleUpon, the social discovery engine that was famously acquired by eBay, only to take itself private again two years later, is reinventing itself again.

SXSW Gets Its Own Apple Store

Digg's Decline, Illustrated

Will eBay Dump StubHub, Too?

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