Good News for the Cable Guys! Subscriber Numbers Dropped Again.

So why are the pay-TV guys smiling?

Is AOL Finally Making Money From Content? Maybe!

For years, AOL has emphasized its content, but made all of its profit selling Internet access (!). That may finally be changing.

Netflix Hits Its Numbers, Investors Go Nuts, Reed Hastings Tells Them to Chill Out

$55 a year ago. $390 today.

News Byte

iPhone Deal Paying Off for China Telecom

When China Telecom first inked its iPhone distribution agreement with Apple last February, the carrier said the deal would help it achieve long-term sustainable growth. A year and a half later, it appears to be doing just that. China Telecom, China’s third-largest wireless carrier by number of subscribers, posted its second consecutive quarterly profit on Wednesday, its fortunes lifted by a 51 percent year-over-year increase in 3G data usage, driven in part by the debut of the iPhone on its network.

Why the Brilliance of Birchbox Is Also Its Biggest Challenge

The startup’s sampling model has worked great so far. But can it scale?
Birchbox co-founders and co-CEOs Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna

BlackBerry Subscriber Exodus Accelerates

Down three million subs in a single quarter is a nasty decline indeed.

After Acquiring 15 Groupon Clones, CrowdSavings Finds a Buyer for Itself

The two companies merging today are responsible for 19 acquisitions combined in the daily deals space.

MetroPCS Bleeding Subscribers as It Waits for the T-Mobile Ambulance

MetroPCS’s last year as an independent company has proven to be a particularly ugly one.

Sprint Still Bleeding Subscribers

Heard this one before?

Well, Whaddya Know — RIM’s Subscriber Base Isn’t in Decline

Good news in an otherwise bleak landscape of disappointments.