An iPad Christmas, Sure, but Will It Be a Retina iPad Mini Christmas?

“It’s unclear whether we will have enough for the quarter or not,” says Tim Cook.

Apple’s Selling More Macs Because It Finally Has More Macs to Sell

Apple is still working toward supply-demand balance with its new iMac.

Still Not Enough iPhone 5s to Go Around

Two weeks after its retail debut, the iPhone 5 continues to be difficult to come by.

Why Didn’t Apple Sell More iPhone 5s Opening Weekend? How Do We Know It Didn’t?

Were iPhone 5 sales constrained by unexpectedly heavy demand, component shortages, or tactical choice? Or were they really constrained at all?

Apple CEO Tim Cook to Appear as Opening Speaker at the D10 Conference

Welcome for the first time to the red-hot seat of D: All Things Digital, Mr. Cook!

The World Is Overflowing With Memory Chips

The economy, the euro and Thailand have combined into a perfect storm that has caused memory chip inventories to pile up to extreme levels.

Apple's Touch-Panel Appetite Leaves Little for Rivals

Apple is to the touch-panel business what Starbucks is to the coffee business–a market maker and mover. Particularly a mover. To wit: Claims today that Apple’s voracious appetite for the component is expected to cause an industrywide shortage this year. According to Taiwanese trade mag DigiTimes, Apple has locked up nearly 60 percent of the world’s touch-panel capacity.

News Byte

Citing Unprecedented Demand, Verizon Asks Employees to Hold Off Buying iPhones

Verizon has asked its employees to strongly consider holding off on their own iPhone purchases to allow non-employees to get first crack at getting the Apple phones, which are expected to be in short supply. A Verizon Wireless spokeswoman confirmed the move, saying “We always put customers first.”


Supply Data Now a Focus of Probe

Has the “channel check” become a criminal act? Wall Street analysts have been left bewildered in recent days, as federal prosecutors begin to home in on insider-trading cases that appear to involve routinely published information about public-company supply chains. Case in point: Apple.

Apple Has $51 Billion and a Shopping List. Is Facebook on It?

Steve Jobs told analysts that he’s hanging on to his giant cash hoard for a rainy day–and a couple specific things he’d like to buy. Perhaps he’s discussed this with Mark Zuckerberg…
Steve Jobs from iPhone 4 antenna press conference

Apple Defies Recession

Gmail Exits Beta