Verizon’s LTE Map Is Nearly Complete, but All Four Major Carriers Are Starting to Fill in the Dots

These days, the coverage picture is different than the one painted by Verizon’s ads.
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T-Mobile Plans to Talk “Un-Carrier” 4.0 at CES

“This one you aren’t going to believe,” T-Mobile says in an invitation to journalists.

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T-Mobile Taps Former Avon, Barnes & Noble Exec as New CIO

T-Mobile US has hired Gary King to serve as its chief information officer, effective at the end of the year. King, who has worked at Avon and Barnes & Noble, has spent the past nine years at retailer Chico’s FAS, where he was also CIO.

Here’s What the Big Carriers and the Feds Agreed To on Cellphone Unlocking

Federal Communications chairman Tom Wheeler had indicated that if the carriers had not reached an understanding by year’s end that the feds were prepared to take regulatory action.

T-Mobile Taps MetroPCS’ Spectrum to Boost LTE Network Speeds

The No. 4 U.S. carrier is using airwaves from its recent MetroPCS acquisition to boost its top network speeds. First up was North Dallas, where the higher speeds kicked in just before Thanksgiving.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Dropping Most Premium Text Service Billing in Effort to Combat Fraud

The move comes as regulators in 45 states were looking into unauthorized third-party charges, known as “cramming.”

T-Mobile Shares Drop After Company Details Plan for Follow-On Offering

The No. 4 U.S. phone carrier says it plans to sell 66 million shares in a stock offering.
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T-Mobile Decides Its New Plans Are So Good That Even Its Older Customers Need One

The company says it is doing away with many of its older plans in the coming months.
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Analysts Question Whether T-Mobile’s Move to Cut International Fees Will Have Global Appeal

The move offers significant potential savings for frequent overseas travelers, but only a fraction of customers venture abroad each year. And too much data use could ding the company’s margins.
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T-Mobile CEO Says on Verge of Being Able to Claim “Fastest LTE Network”

“I’m not announcing we’re the fastest,” CEO John Legere told AllThingsD. “I’m announcing we will be announcing that.”

T-Mobile’s Latest Move Is to Slash Sky-High Global Roaming Charges

Expect Silver and Gold iPhone 5s to Be Extra Scarce

Life Is Very Different for T-Mobile U.S. Now That It Finally Has an iPhone to Sell

T-Mobile US Makes Gains, but Still Seen as Acquisition Target

T-Mobile CEO Says More Apple Products Coming

T-Mobile CEO: Upswing Not Just a Blip and iPhone Is Only Part of the Reason

Amid Strategy Shift, T-Mobile Adds 1.1 Million Customers in Second Quarter

Taking Aim at Cricket, T-Mobile Moves MetroPCS Into 15 New Markets

T-Mobile: AT&T’s New Plans Make You Pay for the Same Phone Twice

New Plans From AT&T, T-Mobile Put U.S. More in Line With Rest of World