HTC’s One-Button Facebook Phones Headed to ATT

Although they may not be the Salsa and Cha Cha models shown off on stage in Barcelona, AT&T said it will exclusively have HTC Android-based phones with a similar one-button access to Facebook.

Frosty’s Winter Litigation Wonderland: AT&T Demands Verizon Pull Holiday iPhone Ads [With Full Complaint]

As clever as it is, Verizon’s reimagining of a Rankin/Bass animated Christmas television special as a criticism of AT&T’s wireless network coverage did not go over well with Ma Bell. On Wednesday, the carrier amended its complaint against Verizon, asking a federal court in Atlanta to force its rival to immediately pull the ad and two other holiday-themed spots that debuted with it.

So How's That Palm Pre Working Out for You, Sprint? [UPDATED]

The Palm Pre may have been the most successful handset rollout in Sprint’s history, but it hasn’t stopped the carrier from hemorrhaging customers in the months following its launch.

AT&T Activates Record 3.2 Million iPhones in Q3

How badly does AT&T want to renew its iPhone exclusivity contract with Apple? Pretty damn badly. Posting third-quarter earnings that topped Wall Street expectations this morning, AT&T said it activated a record 3.2 million iPhones during the period. Of those, 40 percent were for customers new to the carrier.

AT&T, Google: Nuns on the Run

In the rhetorical battle over net neutrality, Google may have regulatory capitalism with which to bludgeon and batter AT&T, but AT&T has Benedictine nuns, an entire convent of them. In a 13-page letter to the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday, the carrier took issue with Google’s claim that its Google Voice service only blocks calls to adult sex chat lines, asserting that it also blocks calls to small businesses and Benedictine nuns.

Morgan Stanley: iPhone Market Share Would Double Without Exclusivity

Add Morgan Stanley’s Kathryn Huberty to the list of analysts calling for Apple to broaden the iPhone’s distribution by ending carrier exclusivity deals. In a research note issued this morning, Huberty–noting that the iPhone’s market share grew 136 percent in France when Apple switched to multicarrier agreements there–said iPhone sales could more than double if the company took a similar tack in other countries.

AT&T to Welcome iPhone Users to 2003 Tomorrow

AT&T has finally completed the very important “internal system upgrades” that prevented it from supporting multimedia messaging service on Apple’s iPhone. And at some point late tomorrow morning, the carrier will release an update enabling MMS.

Apple Tablet Coming to AT&T?

Those Apple tablet rumors just never let up, do they? Not a week after the company’s latest media event and they’re already back in force. The latest, from China Economic News, claims the device is being prepped for a February debut at a price somewhere between $799 and $999.

"Hummer of Cellphones" a Bestseller at AT&T

Apple’s iPhone continues to be AT&T’s marquee handset, though the data-guzzling “Hummer of cellphones,” as the New York Times has dubbed it, has inspired widespread customer dissatisfaction with the carrier’s network. Indeed, according to Piper Jaffray, the iPhone 3G and 3GS are AT&T’s top-selling phones.

AT&T on iPhone MMS: Did We Say Summer? We Meant Autumnal Equinox.

Most entry-level phones in AT&T’s handset lineup have been able to send multimedia messages for years. Soon the most advanced will as well. The carrier on Thursday confirmed that it will offer MMS on Apple’s iPhone starting Sept. 25–about two months after the handset first began supporting the feature.

AT&T: Thank God for Vitamin i

Think of It as an AT&T-Free iPhone

AT&T’s Pre Envy

Verizon: Look Ma! No iPhone!