Digital-Ad Vet Mike Barrett on Facebook, Ad-Tech IPOs and a Cookie-Free Web (Q&A)

One of the Web’s best-traveled salesmen — and most popular board members — drops some knowledge.

Facebook Jumps Into the Games Publishing Biz

Game, set, match.

Twitter Unveils Its Ad Retargeting Effort

Another social network looks to retargeting to boost revenue.
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When “Likes” Can Shed Light

Facebook users’ patterns of “Likes” on the social-networking site can unintentionally expose political and religious views, drug use, divorce and sexual orientation, researchers said Monday.

Loose Lips: Yahoo M&A Head Told Employees Company Looking at Two “Significant” and a Half-Dozen Small Buys

In most cases, they sink ships. Here, perhaps not.


In the Battle of More Data vs. Better Algorithms, Better Data Beats Them Both

The companies that engage individuals around how their data is used and collected will have an unfair advantage over those that don’t.

As Yahoo Sales Reorg Proceeds, Former Interclick CEO Katz Departs

The well-known ad exec’s exit from the Silicon Valley Internet giant was less than amicable.

Yahoo Dings “Do Not Track” Default (And Search Partner Microsoft)

Is the honeymoon over?

Another Taste of an Ad Network: Facebook Debuts Off-Site Mobile Ads

The social giant is testing the waters for Facebook ads outside of