The Best Tech News Site That Isn’t a Tech News Site That Didn’t Exist Yesterday

Techmeme Heds — that’s @nottechmeme to you — is the best thing to show up on the Web in the last 21 hours.
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Ten Things About Me

Twelve Things About Voxer’s Tom Katis

George Washington, startup president.

Google’s Answer to the Great Chromecast/Netflix Giveaway Mystery: There’s No Mystery — We Sold Out

Google says it didn’t “end” its Netflix/Chromecast giveaway — it sold out.
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That CBS/CNET/Dish Story Won’t Go Away

The trade group that runs CES re-awards Dish an award that CNET wanted to give it four weeks ago. And for good measure, says it’s cutting ties with CNET, too.
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Nap Time

I don’t want to deal with the obligations attached to raising money, and I still want to be able to take a nap after lunch.

Gabe Rivera’s response to SoftTech VC’s Jeff Clavier, when asked if he was interested in an angel investment for Techmeme

I, Editor

There’s value in being divorced from your friends … I’d rather see what’s on the front of the New York Times.

— Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera on the value of human editing and curation

Eye to Eye

Tools for Taming the Media

Clay Shirky and John Battelle share their strategies for media consumption.

Twitter + Robots = Instant Stories, No Humans Required

Narrative Science, the start-up that turns baseball box scores into automated stories, tries the same trick, using Twitter. Very interesting.

How Facebook Fired Up Techmeme

Spotify song sharing is like the new FarmVille, and its auto-sharing turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for folks who didn’t quite understand just how frictionless Open Graph sharing would be.

CNET’s Molly Wood, from a much-discussed Friday article entitled “How Facebook is ruining sharing”

Google’s Extreme Makeover: Homepage Edition

Bored out of your skull? Google has a solution: Kill a few seconds by redecorating the search giant’s homepage. Want to kill a few more seconds? Compare Google’s new look with Microsoft’s Bing.

Riveting Tragedy=Boring Twitter Debate

Loren Feldman's Tech Blogger Puppetry