Technologizer's "The Future of Windows": Scoobs, Foley, Baig, Windex Wisecracks From BoomTown and More!

Check out the interesting observations made by a range of folks in a post by Technologizer titled, “The Future of Windows: 28 Perspectives and Proposals” on the 25th anniversary of the 1.0 version of the groundbreaking operating system. The simple question being asked: How can Microsoft keep Windows relevant? My wisecracking first answer: “Well, a more liberal policy on Windex, I suppose. Wait, you mean the software?”

Technologizer's Harry McCracken Speaks! (Yes, There Is a Top Five List!)

Yesterday, BoomTown had a much-belated lunch with longtime tech editor and writer Harry McCracken to catch up on how life has been going since he started his own tech blog site, Technologizer, this past summer. The former editor-in-chief of PC World runs the blog, which is owned and operated by him, covering a wide range of tech topics, from PCs to smartphones to the future of cloud computing. What I like about Technologizer and which I hope to see even more of in the tech blogosphere at large is the obvious respect McCracken has for accurate reporting, strong journalism standards and also trenchant analysis that actually gives a reader insight into a story.