AOL Turns Moviefone Over to BermanBraun for Reboot

Press one for a much-needed overhaul of the service that still lives in 1999.

Will Wright at Augmented Reality Conference: Don’t Augment Reality, Decimate It

Silicon Valley could learn a thing or two from the Amish.


Look Out Google Fiber, $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Comes to Vermont

Heads up Google Fiber: A rural Vermont telephone company might just have your $70 gigabit Internet offer beat.

Verizon Expects “Significant” Impact on Results From Superstorm Sandy

Last year, a storm and a strike cost a quarter billion dollars. This year? Bigger for sure.

Twilio Taps Say Media Vet Kirkpatrick as CFO

Global expansion means it’s time to get serious about managing the finances. But first? Build a Twilio app.

Cloud-Based Phone Software Start-Up Twilio Taps Former Jive Exec as Its CMO

Not clear on what Twilio is all about? Then someone has her job cut out for her.

Obama: I Want YOU to Crash John Boehner’s Web Server

Last night the president of the United States asked Americans to contact their representatives in Congress about the stalemate in Washington over the debt ceiling. Oh boy, did they ever respond.

What's on Osama bin Laden's Hard Drive? Hopefully a Lot.

As more details emerge about the raid that ended the world’s most famous manhunt, attention is turning toward other things of value captured. For openers, what useful information might be found on Osama bin Laden’s computer? Hopefully, a great deal.

In the End, a Lack of Tech May Have Helped Bring Bin Laden Down

A key clue leading up to the attack that brought Osama bin Laden to justice was a lack of a phone or Internet connection on his property. By forgoing modern communications technology, he may have drawn attention to himself.

SurveyMonkey Buys Online Forms Start-Up Wufoo for $35 Million

SurveyMonkey, the quiet but profitable and fast-growing Web survey company, is buying online forms start-up Wufoo. While the terms of the transaction for the Tampa, Fla.-based Infinity Box–makers of Wufoo–were not disclosed, sources said the price was $35 million in cash and stock.

SkypeOut: Service Is Down for Millions