Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

New York’s finest like the iPhone’s Activation Lock feature.

Bicoastal Battle Against Smartphone Theft Gets a British Ally

London Mayor Boris Johnson also wants to see more done by phone makers to combat cellphone burglaries.
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Apple, Samsung Take Steps to Combat Cellphone Theft but Pressed to Do More

Prosecutors urge cellphone makers to create systems over the next year to further combat a rising wave of cellphone theft.

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The iPhone That Was Stolen Twice in One Afternoon

Thieves love iPhones. It happened to me in December, swiped right off of my desk at the AllThingsD office in downtown San Francisco. If not for theft of Apple gadgets, crime would have been down in New York City last year. The New York Times has a fun story about a single iPhone that was stolen twice in one day, once from its owner and then again from the thief.

In the Vault: Former Yahoo Exec Hilary Schneider Set to Join IPO-Bound LifeLock as President

The longtime online ad exec shifts gears to fraud protection.


Fighting the iCrime Wave

We were buried in an e-book when the subway doors opened at the Bergen Street stop in Brooklyn. In a flash, a pair of hands dove into my date’s lap and ripped away her iPad. Chasing the guy was instinctive.


Carriers Band to Fight Cellphone Theft

The nation’s major wireless providers have agreed to a deal with the U.S. government to build a central database of stolen cellphones — part of a broad effort to tame an explosion of thefts nationwide.

More D10 Speakers: Ellison, Meeker, Myhrvold, Along With Pixar and Visa!

Speakers? We got your D10 speakers.

2012: Siri Is a Stunner, Amazon Is Amazin’ and Security Gets Spendy

Tech prognosticator Mark Anderson is back in New York with his annual predictions for the world of tech in 2012.

iPad 3 Coming Soon?

Walt answers readers’ questions about the iPad 3 and avoiding having financial information stolen.

Ellison Taunts HP CEO a Second Time

SAP: Please Gag Oracle

IPad Bandit Terrorizes Gotham!