How Nike Revives a Fallen Sports Star

Tiger Woods is a YouTube star for Nike, again. Which doesn’t mean it will work for Lance Armstrong.
Nike Tiger Woods ad

Behind the Curve: EA Finally Making Mobile Games Free This Year

Over the next year, Electronic Arts said, a majority of its mobile game titles will become free, representing a seismic shift away from the premium games market.
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Playhem Brings Gambling to Online Gaming (Sort Of)

All forms of online gambling are illegal in the U.S., but there’s a small loophole: If you are wagering on yourself in a game of skill, it’s completely fair game. That’s where Playhem enters the picture.

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EA Announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12–No "Hot Coffee" Mod, Though

The high-profile revelation of Tiger Woods’s many infidelities cost him major sponsorship deals with AT&T, Gatorade and Accenture, but at least one relationship has survived the fallout. Today, Electronic Arts announced a new version of its best-selling game with Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, which will feature the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. The game will be available in the U.S. on March 29 and internationally on April 1.

Shocking Bieber Upset: Oil Spill Tops Twitter's 2010 Trends

Although World Cup tweeting caused record high volume and infrastructure demands on Twitter, the most-discussed topic on Twitter this year was actually the Gulf oil spill, said the San Francisco-based company tonight.

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Bing Search Trends: The Year of the Kardashian

It’s that time of year again when we are privy to a peek (disturbing as it may be) into society’s collective news appetite as reflected by the year’s search trends. Today, Microsoft’s Bing offered its insights. While last year’s top search queries included serious topics like the stock market, swine flu and Michael Jackson, this year’s Top 10 is almost all celebrity names. The single most popular search on Bing in 2010: Kim Kardashian, by a wide margin over No. 2, Sandra Bullock. The list from there: 3. Tiger Woods; 4. Lady Gaga; 5. Barack Obama; 6. Hairstyles; 7. Kate Gosselin (the sole repeater from last year); 8. Walmart; 9. Justin Bieber; and 10. Free.

Shurikens on a Plane!: The Steve Jobs Ninja Throwing Stars Re-enactment

Jimmy Lai’s Next Media Animation, the outfit responsible for the Tiger Woods accident re-creation, has taken a shot at imagining what the Steve Jobs Ninja throwing stars incident might have looked like had it actually happened, and it’s pretty much everything you could hope for. Video after the jump.

YouTube’s Sales Pitch: Please Buy Ads! And Please Make Them Like This!

So you’d like to start advertising on YouTube but aren’t sure how to do it? Google’s video site has some advice: Make awesome clips that people want to watch!

Web Surfers Love the Tiger Woods Ad. Especially When It’s Not the Tiger Woods Ad.

No surprise that Nike’s creeptastic Tiger Woods ad, featuring the disembodied voice of the golfer’s dead father, is a hit on the Web. Even more popular: Satires and spinoffs.


Tiger Woods Apology Boosts His Standing Online

Tiger Woods may have more atoning to do with Elin Nordegren, but a preliminary pulse-taking online suggests that at least some of his fans are coming around. The golf star apologized Friday for his infidelity and the ensuing sex scandal, and according to Zeta Interactive, a New York digital-marketing firm that measures online reputations, that helped boost his ratings.

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