Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong Chairman and CEO

As chairman and CEO, Armstrong is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing the businesses and day-to-day operations of AOL. In December 2009, he took the company public with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Armstrong joined AOL in April 2009 from Google,where he oversaw the company's North American and Latin American advertising sales, marketing and operations teams as president of The Americas Operations. Prior to joining Google, he was vice president of sales and strategic partnerships for Snowball.com. He has also served as director of integrated sales and marketing at Starwave's and Disney's ABC/ESPN Internet Ventures. And at the start of his career, he co-founded and ran a newspaper based in Boston, Mass. Armstrong is on the boards of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Advertising Council and the Advertising Research Foundation. He does not resemble the AOL Running Man icon, unless he is running.

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