Scissor Cuts Paper, Cat Pix Beat Plagiarism

The Web called Zakaria out, and rightly so, for violating the basic tenets of his chosen professional realm. But he could just come over to the Web and do that all day every day and be basically fine as long as he posted pictures of his cat every once in a while.

Michael Barthel, on Fareed Zakaria’s suspension from Time magazine for plagiarism

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David Talk About Nothing, Again. This Time They’re Doing It on the Web. (Video)

Jerry Seinfeld can do anything he wants, and apparently he wants to do a Web video series. Here’s the first episode, starring his most famous collaborator.
seinfeld larry david

Is Larry Page the Consummate Anti-Social CEO?

Google’s new CEO isn’t much for the social Web. If he has a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it was created with deep privacy settings or a fake name. I couldn’t even find a fleshed-out Google profile for Larry Page.

Time Magazine Walls Off Its Web Site: Will You Pay Up?

Want to read the cover story, or anything else, in this week’s Time magazine? Get out your wallet.

The Evolution of Time Magazine’s iPad App: Here’s What’s Next

Time Magazine’s first iPad app was a rush job. Here’s what it will look like, eventually.

Why Will Google TV Be Any Different From WebTV? Or AOL TV? Or MSNTV? Or…

At its I/O developer conference Thursday in San Francisco, Google predicted it would “change the future of television” with GoogleTV, an effort to marry broadcast TV with the Web. And in comments about the announcement, the company’s executives hawked the new software and hardware bundle with similarly aggrandizing pronouncements.

Washington Post Announces a One-Time Fire Sale for Newsweek

This is how bad things are at Newsweek: Not only has owner Washington Post Co. hired Allen & Company to sell the magazine, but it’s not pretending otherwise.

Why Is Time Charging $5 for Its iPad App?

Everyone knows that digital media are supposed to cost less than their physical counterparts. So what is Time Inc.–and every other media company that’s asking premium prices for iPad apps–thinking? The publisher explains.


Time’s Managing Editor: iPad Content Awaits "Its Orson Welles"

“I was very keen on being present at the creation.” That’s Richard Stengel, managing editor of Time magazine, excitedly talking about the iPad version he expects to roll out at or shortly after the hotly anticipated launch of the tablet computer on April 3.

Steve Jobs Preps His Own iBook

Walter Isaacson has written big, popular biographies of some of history’s biggest names: Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger. Next up, apparently: Steve Jobs–with the cooperation of the Apple CEO.

Time Warner Loses Its Chief Talker

What's Wrong With iPhone 3G?