Atheer and Meta Want You to Touch Your Apps in Midair

Reach out and touch something.

Lenovo’s Bendy Yoga 2 Laptop Makes All the Right Moves

Last year’s flip-friendly Yoga felt like a PC gimmick. This time around, the Yoga 2 has gone legit.
The Yoga 2 in "tent" mode.

If Wearables Are Going to Grow Up, Games Might Point the Way

If. Might.

iPad Air Has Spendier Display, Costs Less to Make Than Earlier Models

The latest teardown report by research firm IHS shows where Apple is spending more, and less, on its new device.

Apple Inks Major Sapphire Supply Deal With GT Advanced Technologies

GT will own and operate sapphire production equipment in a new Apple facility in Arizona.

Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air

This new iPad isn’t a radical rethinking of what a tablet can be, but it’s a major improvement on a successful product, says Walt. And it’s the best tablet he’s ever reviewed.

Co.Lab Accelerator Gives Its First Class a Lesson in Pitching Educational Games

The nonprofit partnership between and the NewSchools Venture Fund welcomes its first class.
Motion Math Zoom

Rogers Agrees to Carry BlackBerry’s Newest Flagship Phone

A week after announcing its decision to forgo the Z30, the Canadian wireless carrier has reversed course.

Chair Entertainment Founder: “I Cannot Wait” for Physical Controllers for iPhones

A glimpse of the future from the company responsible for the Infinity Blade series.
mustard ib3

A Genius Prank? (Comic)