YouVisit Brings College Campuses to You

Walk through the ivy-covered buildings — virtually.
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Hey Kids, Let’s Put on a $4M VC-Funded Show! A Visit to the YouTube Moguls of Maker Studios (Video)

Maker Studios, a new-generation production company, has just gotten another $2.5 million in venture funding to help it make videos, mostly for YouTube. That brings total funding from Greycroft Partners and GRP Partners to $4 million for a studio created to bring more professional original content to the Internet.

AOL's Stock Might Be Cold, but Its New Silicon Valley HQ Is Pretty Cool (Video)

Earlier this week, BoomTown took the All Things Digital minivan for a spin down to see the new Silicon Valley digs of AOL. The Palo Alto, Calif., office is helmed by former Yahoo exec Brad “Peanut Butter Manifesto” Garlinghouse, who also turned out to be a very entertaining tour guide.

Chris Shipley Opens a "Community Center" for Silicon Valley Geeks

Last night in Redwood City, Chris Shipley–who used to run the famed Demo conference–had a ribbon-cutting for Studio G, a new office for her Guidewire Group aimed at the start-up community. Here’s the video of the party.

Viral Video: "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop" (at SXSW)

Conan O’Brien has been all over the South by Southwest festival this week, hawking a new documentary about his time wandering in the late-night talk television wilderness after he left “The Tonight Show” last year, titled “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.” His hysterical journey, of course, was deftly played out by O’Brien all over the Internet, which was definitely on “Team Coco.”

SkyGrid Groups Social Media Conversations and Fans

SkyGrid, the creator of news filtering apps, today launched a new tool that gives public figures and organizations the ability to bring together fan conversations.

Exploring iStuff at CES With Mobilized (Video)

Apple may not have been in Vegas, but its legions of followers were. The maker of the Mac and iPhone prefers having the stage to itself, but an entire section of CES was devoted to iStuff. Mobilized toured the show floor and has a video report.

Rejoice! Download Katy Perry From Amazon to Your BlackBerry Without Waiting!

You know how everyone you know who owns a BlackBerry is always complaining that they can’t buy and download MP3s from Amazon directly to their phone? Problem solved!

Verizon’s Cure for CrackBerry Addiction: Android

Another handful of worrisome data points for Research in Motion, which appears to be slipping down carriers’ priority lists as the BlackBerry struggles for purchase in an increasingly sophisticated market. New Verizon sales metrics from ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman paint a picture of RIM that, while not yet dire, describe a worrisome trend.


Back in the Day With Woz: A Sneak Peek Inside the New and Improved Computer History Museum

All Things Digital was on hand for a sneak peek at the newly renovated Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., led by none other than Silicon Valley’s gadget godfather, Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak.

iPad Porn: Apple’s Guided Tours