When Will Amazon Take on Netflix Directly? Ask Jeff Bezos.

Everyone is waiting for Amazon to sell its movies and TV shows for $8 a month, just like Netflix. So we asked Amazon’s CEO for an ETA.

Hands On With Wii U: AllThingsD Tackles Nintendo Land (Video)

Want to see how Nintendo Wii U works? Here’s a look from E3.

Privacy Experts Weigh In on Whether There Is a Cure for “Creepy” (Video)

The Internet is full of identity thieves, stalkers and people generally trying to take advantage of you. In other words, it can be creepy.

Viral Video: Liz Gannes May (or May Not) See Hubski Now!

Nice try, Steve Clausnitzer!
gannes copy

Dueling Facebook-Google Games Events Not So Dueling After All

When it comes to the battle between Facebook and Google, sometimes an event is just an event.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Zynga IPO (Insider Selling, Natch!)

So exactly how fecund is “FarmVille”? If reports hold, we’ll all find out today what the yield is from the online gaming phenom Zynga, which will finally be filing its regulatory documents sometime today. Here’s what to watch out for.

You Will Know Jack–Square CEO Dorsey Added to D9 Speaker Lineup

We’ve added Jack Dorsey, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest entrepreneurs, to the D: All Things Digital conference stage. He’s now busy disrupting the online payments space with his Square start-up, and before that invented a little service called Twitter. Heard of it?

VeriFone Claims Victory Now That Square Is Adding Encryption to Its Card Readers

A day after Square announced it had received an investment from Visa, it said it would be adding an additional level of encryption into its card reader that plugs into smartphones. But, it insisted, the decision had nothing to do with the accusations of security flaws that VeriFone raised last month.

PayPal Acquisition Hints at Company's Approach to the Mobile Wallet

EBay-owned PayPal said in February it will conduct several pilot programs over the next year to enable consumers to use their PayPal accounts–at the register. Today, it announced an acquisition that may help them get there.

News Byte

Expedia's First-Quarter Profits Sink Despite Strong Hotel Bookings

Expedia reported mixed first-quarter earnings today, following the announcement earlier this month that the online travel agency was going to spin-off TripAdvisor, its fastest growing division. In the first quarter, profits sank 12 percent to $52 million, or 19 cents a share, on revenues of $822 million, which increased 15 percent compared to the year-ago period. The Bellevue, Wash.-based company said higher revenues were attributable to a jump in hotel room bookings and strong growth from its advertising and media business, including TripAdvisor. The company’s stock is down 78 cents, or 3.2 percent in after-hours trading.