How Do You Get VCs to Invest in a New Videogame? QuizUp Did It With “Twilight.”

And no, VCs does not mean “vampire capitalists.”
Apparently, the answer is "red." The more you know?

Viral Video: The Creepy Alien Movie From the “Twilight” Lady

No vampires this time — just body-snatchers from another world.

Yahoo and Facebook Not in Search Alliance Discussions

Um, no.

Viral Video: Bella Is a Really Mean Sparkly Vampire

But being undead does finally make her interesting.

CrowdFanatic: A Facebook App for Fanboys and the Brands That Love Them

Now entering the arena: A recently launched app that lets fans interact on Facebook by pitting opposing groups against one another.

Viral Video: “The Host” Does Not Seem Very Cordial

The “Twilight” author goes all invasion-of-the-body-snatchers on humanity.
200px-The_Host crop

News Byte

Online Audiences Are Famished for “The Hunger Games” (Though Vampires Still Rule!)

As of yesterday morning, the movie version of the popular teen novel “The Hunger Games,” which comes out Friday, accounted for 92 percent of total ticket sales on Fandango. That includes 1,200 showtimes sold-out on the online ticketing service, which recently signed various deals with AMC Theatres, Facebook and, earlier this week, Yahoo Movies. Still, the kids-fight-to-the-death film has not yet topped the online advance sales for the three “Twilight” movies or the last two in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

Viral Video: With “Dark Shadows,” Vampires Go From Sparkly to Snarky

“Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!”

Viral Video: Bella Is Now a Sparkly Vampire

It’s not easy being undead.

Survey Says: Yes on iPad 3 (Not So Much on Final “Twilight”)

Respondents want a bite of the Apple, but not of a newborn vampire.

Headless Lawsuit in Topless Blog!