Twitter Reverses Rally as Shares Dive

Shares of the microblogging site tumbled $9.56, or 13 percent, to $63.75.


SEC Clears Way for Entrepreneurs to Tweet, Blog About Unregistered Shares

Business owners are planning marketing blitzes after the SEC action on unregistered shares.

Witnesses Reporting Backfire Heard From @theonion

Humor online is a tricky thing, as any misunderstood internet commenter can tell you. Part of what makes comedy work are subtle cues and indicators of “play,” that we’re in on this humor thing together. When the medium for that exchange is something as minimal as Twitter (you’ve got 140 characters, and that’s all), strip those subtle cues out and — well, stuff like this happens.

Boing Boing partner Xeni Jardin, discussing an “oddly presented” and largely misunderstood tweet from @theonion yesterday morning reporting that screams and gunfire had been heard inside the Capitol building

Putting Twitter Into a Historical Context

Certainly in the context of Twitter there are memorable tweets that reflect the drama of a particular moment, but the dilemma for Twitter, which is to some extent the challenge for all of us in this information revolution, is how do you discern meaning from this overwhelming array of information that we are now exposed to?

Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, an avid Twitter user, on the long-term value of tweets