Twitter Reverses Rally as Shares Dive

Shares of the microblogging site tumbled $9.56, or 13 percent, to $63.75.

Twitter Asks You How You Use Twitter While You Watch TV, While You’re Watching TV and Using Twitter

So it’s asking its users about their TV + Twitter habits. Again.
wall of tv

(Almost) No One Is Reading Your Tweets

Until Friday afternoon, Justine Sacco was just like you: A Twitter user whose tweets went unread by almost everyone.

When Twitter Bought MoPub, It Bought Itself an Advertising Safety Net

Even if growth on Twitter’s own properties stalls out, it now has a fast-growing mobile business that works everywhere else
safety net

Twitter Tries to Get Your Attention

Coming to your phone: Updates about stuff Twitter thinks you should care about.

Google Makes Its Own Social Ads, With a Twist

On Twitter and Facebook, marketers can turn “native” content into ads. Google is trying the same thing — with one big difference — with Google+.

As Twitter Grows Up, Its Users Don’t

Unlike most big social networks, Twitter didn’t start out by appealing to kids. They’re coming to it now, though. Is that enough to help it break through to the mainstream?

Here’s What a Twitter Photo-Sharing Service Might Look Like (But It’s Probably Not a Twitter Photo-Sharing Service)

Magic Pics isn’t an Official Twitter Experiment. But the photo-recommendation bot, built by a Twitter engineer, is pretty interesting.
Magic Pics Twitter WM

Twitter Wants to Know What You Watched on TV Last Night, So It’s Asking You What You Watched on TV Last Night

Just as important: What were you doing while you watched TV?
willy wonka tv

Twitter Ads Are Tricky! Watch Five Big Booze Brands Try to Figure Them Out, in Real Time.

Twitter is interesting to lots of advertisers. But they’re still in the learning phase.

Twitter’s TV Guide Experiment Gets a Little Closer to Prime Time

Twitter would like become your TV Guide. A new app overhaul hints at what that may look like — if you know where to look.

Even After a Small Swoon, Twitter Investors Are Incredibly Optimistic

Here’s How Much Twitter’s Top Dogs Are Worth This Morning

Is AOL Finally Making Money From Content? Maybe!

Twitter Prices Its IPO at a Conservative $11 Billion

Facebook Reminds Media Companies: We Still Really, Really Like You

Loved the Viral Video. Hated the Movie.

Foursquare Opens Up Its Self-Serve Ad Platform

Here’s What a Twitter News Service Might Look Like

Twitter Gets Its Strongest TV Tie-Up So Far, With an Ambitious Comcast Deal

Facebook Says It’s Pretty Good at TV, Too

Twitter Is Made for Mobile, but It Still Has a Mobile Ad Gap