After Q2 Results, Everyone Likes Salesforce Again

Next stop: $10 billion in sales.

Plenty of Room Left Yet for Smartphone Growth

“Everybody has got a smartphone.” Really?


Smartphone Upgrades Slow as “Wow” Factor Fades

Fewer people are upgrading their smartphones — a trend that could make it harder for companies from AT&T Inc. to Apple keep up the pace of revenue growth.

Tableau Software and Marketo Fire Up IPO Action Today

Many more to come.

Here’s Another Hewlett-Packard Spinoff Idea: Finance

Two days before a meeting with analysts, one suggests an out-of-the-box idea: Spin off HP’s financing unit and combine it with Dell’s.


Nasdaq’s Facebook Plan Comes Under Mounting Fire

UBS AG decried a proposal from Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. to make up losses for firms damaged in the Facebook Inc. stock-market debut, joining a growing chorus of Wall Street players that are calling on regulators to reject the exchange operator’s plan.

Should HP Break Up or Stay Together?

One analyst makes a strong case that Hewlett-Packard would be better in pieces. Expect more of these.


UBS: Facebook IPO Cost Us $350 Million

UBS AG said it took a loss of more than $350 million on the ill-fated Facebook Inc. initial public offering, wiping out nearly half of its second-quarter profit, and it accused Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. of a “gross mishandling” of the stock-market listing.

Oracle Shares Down on Word of Sales Shake-Up

Did longtime head of North American sales get fired for saying Sun “baaaalllllooooooows”?


UBS Gets Stung by Facebook IPO

UBS AG blames Nasdaq OMX Group for losses of as much as $350 million it suffered during Facebook’s tumultuous debut, according to people familiar with the bank’s trades.

Oracle Beats Q2 Earnings Forecasts

Dell Buys 3Par for $1.15 Billion