Intel: The PC Market Isn’t a Train Wreck. No, Really.

The long-awaited upgrade cycle has to come someday, right? Right?

Deciphering Geek Speak: A Guide to the Latest Tech Terms

Phablets, 4K, 4G — there’s a lot of technical jargon out there. Here’s a guide to some of the latest tech terms, and their definitions, to help cut through some of the confusion.

Welcome to CES: A Trade Show, Not a Tastemaker

CES hasn’t exactly been a Magic 8 Ball for the “next big thing” — nor should anyone expect this year’s show to be.

Steven Sinofsky on How Windows 8 PCs Deliver Better Value Than Apple

Shortly after formally launching the new Windows, division president Steven Sinofsky reflected on its impact in an interview with AllThingsD.
Sinofsky Windows 8 launch

Sony Takes Different Angle With Vaio Tap 20, Duo 11 Windows 8 PCs

Did Sony just make the desktop PC cool?

Intel: Windows? We Love Windows. We Love It Sooooo Much!

Intel is on the defensive after its CEO is reported to have criticized Windows 8.

Vizio’s Laptop Debut Dazzles, Then Fizzles

TV maker Vizio’s entry into the laptop market has a lot of bright spots, but ultimately stumbles.


Intel to Slash Energy Use by Chips

Intel Corp. expects to slash the energy consumption of its flagship chip line by 41 percent, the Silicon Valley company’s latest move to make mobile computers thinner and operate longer on a battery charge.

Five Trends You’ll See in Windows 8 PCs

The fall launch of Windows 8 isn’t just about a new operating system; it’s also bringing in a new wave of PC hardware, as computer makers look to jump-start sales.
Dell XPS Duo 12