Sony Updates Lens-Style Camera to Include Photo Gallery, Better Connectivity

Sony’s lens-style cameras might be a bit more intuitive now.

Yahoo Says Mail Functionality Is Returning, but Some Users Might Be Missing Up to Two Weeks of Email

Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone.

Viral Video: Stuffy Actors Reading Inane Social Media Is a Promising Meme

A stirring debate over the Biebs and Harry Styles.

Twitter’s Mobile Apps Begin to Look a Bit More Like Instagram

Prepare for more photo visibility inside the stream.

Microsoft Yanks Windows RT 8.1 Update

Two days after its release.

Twitter Plans to Revamp Its Private Messaging Product

Apparently, even the “global town square” needs a good, private place for people to communicate.

Apple Pulls Apple TV 6.0 Update to Fix Bricking Issue

An Apple customer support representative says the company is working on a fix.

Viral Video: Beware the iOS 7 Hanging Cow Update

It’s almost done!

Apple Issues Software Update for Spotty Wi-Fi on Some New MacBook Airs

So maybe it wasn’t your at-home router, after all.

Keeping Up With Sandy on Twitter

Finally, Facebook Speeds Up Its iOS App