T-Mobile CEO Says More Apple Products Coming

In an interview, T-Mobile’s top executives also note that 700,000 people have signed up for a new program that lets customers upgrade their phones as often as twice a year.
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AT&T’s “Next” Plan Offers A New Smartphone Every 12 Months, With Some Strings

AT&T is following in T-Mobile’s footsteps and letting consumers upgrade their phones once a year instead of once every two years. Its new plan calls for user’s to turn in their old device if they trade up early.

T-Mobile’s New “Jump” Ads Show SNL’s Bill Hader in Desperate Need of a New Phone

It’s not “Stefon,” but it’ll do.

The Economics That Make T-Mobile’s Jump Program Possible — And Intriguing

So is T-Mobile’s new upgrade program a good deal for the carrier or the customer? Surprisingly, the answer may be yes, for both parties.

Interview: T-Mobile’s John Legere on iPhone Sales, the Carrier’s Bold Upgrade Program, and Continuing to Shake Things Up

In a wide-ranging interview, Legere talks about how T-Mobile’s big changes are starting to take hold — and promises more to come.

AT&T Plans to Make Customers Wait a Full Two Years to Get That Phone Upgrade

Customers had been eligible for a subsidized phone upgrade every 20 months, but will have to wait the full two years starting with those whose contracts are up in March 2014.
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Should You Upgrade to Windows 8?

Walt answers readers’ questions about whether it makes sense to upgrade to the new Windows 8 operating system and if the capacity of the iPad is infinite.

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Zynga Shares Trading Higher Ahead of Fourth-Quarter Earnings

Zynga is trading higher this morning after an analyst upgraded the company’s stock to “buy.” The social games company will report fourth-quarter earnings this afternoon. The stock was up nearly 6 percent to $2.70 a share after Bank of America/Merrill Lynch said it was more optimistic about the company’s performance and investors’ increased appetite for public companies with developing businesses models. The company is expecting earnings of up to $162 million before some expenses on quarterly bookings of up to $1.1 billion.

Windows 8: Not for Old-at-Heart PCs

If you’re thinking of upgrading your PC to the new Windows 8, be prepared for hassles and disappointment, especially if the computer is more than a year or two old, says Walt.

Facebook’s Early Christmas Gift: Shares Surge on Analyst Upgrades

Facebook’s usual Wall Street Scrooges do a sudden, positive about-face on the stock’s prospects.

Tablets Flying Fast and Furious at CES