ATD Week in Review: Facebook Gets More Twittery and Kara’s Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Welcome to the Jony Ive Era at Apple

Jony Ive becomes the new steward of Apple’s user experience.

User Interface Guru Leaves RIM

Hampus Jakobsson, founder of The Astonishing Tribe, becomes the latest executive to leave the struggling BlackBerry maker.

Major Xbox Software Update Is Facing Slight Delay

Microsoft’s big Xbox refresh, slated to be released today, is facing a few last-minute hiccups.

Here’s How Microsoft Is Adding Voice Control and Gestures to the Xbox (Video)

Michael Suraci, Xbox’s director of marketing, demonstrates the new features, which will roll out in a massive free software update, available Tuesday.

From iPods to Thermostats: Nest CEO and Founder Tony Fadell Speaks! (Video)

What does the iconic music player have in common with the device you use to regulate the heat in your home? A lot more than you think.

Sell Me an iPhone, Siri

Siri is proving to be quite the driver of iPhone 4S sales.

Qualcomm Grabs Part of GestureTek, Envisions Gesture-Based Controls on Phones

Imagine answering a call or playing a game on your mobile device without having to touch a button or the screen.

Tobii, Maker of All Things Eye-Tracking, Demos at D9

Tobii Technology already makes the eye-tracking tools used by device and software manufacturers to learn about how consumers use their products. They take the main stage at D9 to show off something new: an eye-tracking laptop.

Nokia to Apple: From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee

Nokia’s obsession with Apple has officially crossed over into the Ahabian. Aghast at the U.S. International Trade Commission’s ruling on its first complaint against Apple, Nokia has filed a second, accusing Apple of infringing its patents “in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets, and computers.”

Apple Selling .434 iPads Per Second

An iPad Review Roundup

Bing Gets a Spring Revamp