Zynga Beats Forecasts Amid Wave of User Departures

We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news.

Twitter’s Q3: Flat Revenue Growth, Decelerating User Growth

The curves aren’t all right.

Does Twitter Have a Growth Problem?

Twitter’s user base is smaller than you think, and it is growing more slowly than Twitter thought it would just a few months ago. It will have to convince investors that’s okay.

News Byte

South Korea’s Kakao Mobile Gaming Platform Hits 30 Million Users

South Korean mobile messaging and gaming company Kakao announced on Tuesday that its gaming platform reached 30 million users. Kakao’s gaming platform offers nearly 200 different games from about 100 different developer partners, distributed through Kakao’s popular service. The company’s flagship product, Kakao Talk, is also in the mobile space; the messaging app now boasts more than 100 million users.

Foursquare’s Latest Update Targets One of the World’s Most Widely Used Phones

The social startup aims for the low end.

“Path Does Not Spam Users”: Dave Morin Talks About the Hyper-Growth Pains of a “Personal Network”

The Path CEO addresses spamming accusations and concerns about his startup’s recent viral growth in an interview with AllThingsD.

Tenuous Relationship With Twitter Aside, Flipboard Reminds Us It’s Alive and Well

Two years down the road, and Flipboard seems to be doing well. Will it be able to say the same if Twitter drops the hammer and cuts off access to tweets?

News Byte

Rare Skype Bug Sends Messages to Unintended Users; Fix in the Works

A recent update to video- and text-messaging platform Skype has resulted in some errant text messages being sent to recipients who weren’t meant to see the messages. Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, confirmed in a statement to Engadget that it is “rolling out a fix for this issue in the next few days” and will notify users when a new updated version of the application is available for download.

$$FB$$ Has Arrived: So Now What?

Relationship Status: Public.

As Privacy Concerns Grow, More Social Media Users Are “Unfriending”

More people are unfriending, deleting, and otherwise “pruning” their social network profiles.

Is Facebook’s Growth Spurt Over?

HP Will Put Palm Print on Windows PCs