Alibaba Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving to Yahoo — Once Again

Time to send flowers to the Chinese Internet juggernaut for the assist.
the gift that keeps on giving

AT&T Axing Traditional Data Plans for New Customers in Favor of Its Mobile Share Plans

Until now, AT&T had given customers the choice of whether or not to choose a data plan that can be shared across devices.
AT&T store interactive wall

Carl Icahn Makes a Large Investment in Apple

And he announces it on Twitter, naturally.

Update: Xobni Price Paid by Yahoo Was $48 Million in Cash, Plus Possible Earn-Outs

Still not a big win, but not a total loss.

With $1.6 Billion in Cash, Zynga Is Now Worth Less Than $750 Million to Investors

Is it a bargain or a fire sale?

Yahoo Back on to List of Top 100 Brands at No. 92, Though Apple Remains No. 1

It’s all about the BrandZ.


Rethinking Apple: Growth Stock, Value Play — Or Both?

If you’re an Apple AAPL stockholder, there’s good news and bad news.

Ahead of Apple Proxy Fight Explainer, ATD Late-Night Chat With Greenlight’s Einhorn

It’s time to end the day with a little midnight interview with famous hedge fund dude.

Study: Online Media Pays Off for Consumers More Than Offline

Apparently, you can get digital media satisfaction.

Could Nokia's Miracle Be Microsoft?