Yahoo’s Mayer Has Met with Hulu Execs in a Preliminary Look-See at Premium Video Unit

How much is the Silicon Valley Internet giant willing to spend on turbocharging its video prospects?

Ready for His Close-Up: Ross Levinsohn to Join Zefr Board

The former Yahoo exec joins the Venice, Calif.-based video start-up, which is about to celebrate one billion monthly views.

Quora Debuts Embedded Quotes to Better Court Publishers

An excerpt for every publisher!
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A Further Blow to Online Lurking: Quora Will Now Publicly Show Who Has Read a Post

Quora today is introducing a feature that shows which of its users have read each Quora post, and how they found it.

Sharethrough CEO on Why You Should Care About Social Video Ads (Video)

Sharethrough is a new kind of ad platform: One focused exclusively on video and social sharing. Basically, it guarantees it can get your funny ad a lot of views.

Viral Video: "Never Say Never" to Bieber (Or the Hair)

Guess what movie BoomTown is being force-marched to this weekend by the Swisher boys? Not just “Gnomeo & Juliet,” but the debut of the Justin Bieber movie hagiography “Never Say Never” in 3-D is much on the list I was presented without any ability to negotiate terms. Now I’m a BeLieber.

Demand Media Says It's Getting Along Just Fine With Google, Thank You Very Much

A quick Q&A with Demand’s Richard Rosenblatt, who says Google’s blog post about going after “content farms” has nothing to do with his company. Also! He really doesn’t like it when people call his company a “content farm.”

YouTube Revenue Doubled Last Year. Which Means…What?

Growth is good! But we still don’t have any real sense of how much money YouTube generates. And don’t even think about asking about profits.

I Can Has $30M: LOLcats Become Funny Business

Would the thought of investing $30 million in a set of WordPress blogs and tools for captioning pictures of cats make you laugh out loud?

Video Meme: Hallelujah for Flash Mobs!

Flash mobs: They’re no longer elite events for cool kids with secret passwords. This holiday season has seen a remarkable run of flash mobs in North America (and subsequently on YouTube), with both participants and audience members eager to partake in an increasingly democratized art form and then post their experiences online.

Hulu’s Growth Curve Flattens Out