Not So Scott Free? Yahoo’s Other Big Shareholder — Cap Re — Leaning Toward Supporting Loeb Over Thompson ResuMess.

Is the tenure of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson — who is now big with the excuses — in trouble if other shareholders start to bolt?

Yahoo-Geddon: Leaders to Debate Layoffs, Asset Sales, Search Deals and More Today, as a Major Restructuring Looms

What is Yahoo? Yes, that again. Meanwhile, employees await cuts.


Singapore Press Holdings Sues Yahoo

Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. is suing Yahoo Inc.’s Southeast Asian unit for alleged copyright violations, saying that the Internet firm reproduced news content from its newspapers without permission, the companies said Wednesday.

Apple iPad News Reader Zite Sold to CNN for Just Over $20 Million

Zite, the magazine-style reading app for the Apple iPad, has been sold to news giant CNN for $20 million to $25 million.


Early Adopter: Think That Restaurant Looks Shady? Lets You Know for Sure

It’s happened to everyone—the terrible fallout from eating at that unfamiliar restaurant with the spoons that were a little too greasy, or the chicken that was served a little too rare. New York University junior Max Stoller feels your pain, and built to keep his fellow New Yorkers out of unclean restaurants and the gastric turmoil that inevitably follows.

Google's Bing Attack Has Larry Page Written All Over It

While he won’t officially take over as CEO of Google until April, the recent full-frontal slapfest on Microsoft’s Bing search engine for shoplifting results from the search giant was so Larry Page in tone and temperament that it brought back memories from many years ago when I covered Google more closely. I would wager that we’re about to see a lot more of this pugnacious, in-your-face tone from Google under Page’s leadership, which could have far-reaching implications for the company.

Judge: Google Was Excluded, Microsoft Favored in Federal Contract

Google Apps was prevented from bidding on a big contract with the U.S. Department of Interior, a federal judge has ruled.

Who Isn't Rambus Suing at the ITC?

The chip interface designer known best for its epic court battles is taking a virtual who’s-who among tech companies to the International Trade Commission.

Sony Decides It Doesn’t Want to Be Left Out of Cellphone Patent Fight

Sony has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission against Korean rival LG, alleging patent infringement. It’s the latest legal challenge in an epidemic of cellphone-related patent disputes.

PayPal Releases Funds to WikiLeaks as Supporters Strike Back

PayPal has just released the remaining funds in the account associated with WikiLeaks today, after restricting access to the account last week, according to a PayPal blog post. However, it did not not reinstate the ability for it to receive donations.

Skype on a Plane? Please Don’t.

USB Group Says iTunes Can Block Pre